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I Want to be a Feature Film Editor, Should I Pick a Niche?

7   APRIL, 2019 We know you all have a million questions when you’re just starting out. One that we have been asked a good few times, is whether aspiring feature film editors should pick a niche. We’re going to look at this issue in more detail but before we do… Don’t...

Networking to Succeed as an Assistant Editor

14 MARCH, 2019 How to conquer impostor syndrome and learn to work the room. Shh… have you heard? We’re all supposed to be networking now?! Have you broken out in goosebumps? Is that a little perspiration on your brow? Is your heart beating just a little bit

Why Become an Assistant Editor?

14   FEB, 2019 The value of being an assistant editor in pursuit of becoming a full editor Landing a job as an assistant editor is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for a bright future as a full feature film editor. Consider your time as an assistant editor as...

A Career in Focus: Adam Gough

9   DEC, 2018 Adam Gough has had the kind of career that defies the wildest of expectations. Book-ended neatly by his work with renowned director, Alfonso Cuarón, Gough had his first paid gig as post-production runner on none other than Children of Men. You might have...

What We Learned at ACE EditFest London 2018

5   JULY, 2018 ACE EditFest, London Career Events Last weekend we headed to the American Cinema Editors EditFest UK 2018 in London. We were treated to a brilliant day of expert panels full of fascinating assistants and editors at all stages of their careers with some...

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